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Dailekh district in West Nepal was part of the Khasa Malla kingdom which ruled much of western Nepal and western Tibet between the 12th and 14th centuries. With the demise of the Malla kingdom, Dailekh was incorporated in the baise (twenty-two) group of petty principalities in the region. In 1969, Dailekh was one of seventy five administrative districts in Nepal, and along with four other districts, formed the Bheri zone, far western hills. The district was further divided into administrative Villages under a Panchayat ("fivefold assembly" village councils) system of government.

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  • दैलेख (Nepali, Devanagari script, Original)
    • > Dailekh (Nepali, Latin script, Transliteration-Indological Standard Transliteration)

Place ID: F884


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